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VBALink v1.7
LAN Multiplayer Version of VBA

A new beta version of the GBA roms emulator has been released - Now with Multiplayer Link support. Up to 4 players can play VBA roms on the same PC or over the LAN. IP suport and seperate save games supported. reat for trading Pokemons or playing Zelda Four Swords and many more gba games that require lik cable emulation!

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  Tools for manipulating and Gameboy Advance


Flash Advance Toolkit v8 this tool does everything trim ff's or 00's, eeprom patch, ips patch and more! download
GBA Header Viewer V0.93 original and the best gba header viewer for windows. download
Header Tool v0.01 basic gba header viewer written in perl. download
IPSWin v2.0 best ips patching tool around for windows. download
Sram Patch v2.3 patch's eeprom or flash game to use sram instead to save. for old carts. download
LittleWriter one of the most popular freeware rom flashing programs. homepage
EEPROM/RTC Patcher(s) need to save patch thoughs v124 roms or need a rtc fix ? use these homepage
Very Leet Filesize Fixer simple tool which can resize overdumped rom files. download




Top-Notch Gameboy Advance Accessories!

EZF Advance

ezfa ezf advance rtc

EZFA also know as EZ-Flash Advance RealTime GBA Flash Card is the first Gameboy roms backup device that has incorporated / built-in Real-Time Clock for use in games like Pokemon and Golden Sun that have RTC Clock based events.

Link ::