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06 Pokemon Leaf Green
07 Golden Sun: The Lost Age
08 Yu-Gi-Oh! WC 2004
09 Mega Man BN 4 Red
10 Mega Man Battle Network 3B
01 Final Fantasy I & II FFTA
02 Kingdom Hearts: Memories
03 Pokemon Fire Red
04 Zelda: Minish Cap Download
05 Pokemon Ruby


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  Gameboy Advance Emulators

GBA Emulator

VBALink hacked version of VBA gba roms emulator with LAN multiplayer link cable support homepage
Poke.emu GameBoy Advance emulator Pokemon homepage
VisualBoy Advance look no further, on practicly every os you've ever used and it rocks. homepage
BoyCott Advance if for some reason you dont like vba, try this one out. now discontinued. homepage
DreamGBA another ok emulator, you must use the bios with this one. homepage
Mappy Virtual Machine if your thinking about developing on gba try this one out, loads of features. homepage
RascalBoy Advance compatibility is ok, though it has some major gfx glitches. homepage
Playboy Advance this ones a mac only emulator, cant say much about it. decent compatibility. homepage
BatGBA keep an eye out on this one, could become a decent emulator. homepage
iGBA back in the day this was _the_ emulator, but has now been discontinued. download
PC Advance newer version of elogba, still lacking compatibility. homepage
AGD another emulator that never really went far, plays demos not much else. homepage
EloGBA not much to see here, runs mainly demo's nothing much else. download
foolsGBA dont expect much from this one. homepage
Girlfriend Advance non platform specific emulator written in java, don't expect to much. homepage
GBAEmu the original gba emu, came out before the console. emulates a few demos. download



  VisualBoyAdvance v1.7

gba gbc gbasp emulatorVisualBoyAdvance v1.7-beta

A new beta version of the GB/GBC/GBA emulator has been released. No mention of what the changes are as its a beta so download and try it out. Visit the homepage at for the downloads.

Link :: Downlad VGBA emulator