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EZFAdvance : EZFA also know as EZ-Flash Advance RealTime GBA Flash Card is the first Gameboy roms backup device that has incorporated / built-in Real-Time Clock for use in games like Pokemon and Golden Sun that have RTC Clock based events.

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10-06-01 Earthworm_Jim_Plus2_Trainer-iNFERi
09-06-01 Army_Men_Advance_Plus1_Trainer-iNFERi
08-06-01 Army_Men_Advance_USA_GBA-EURASIA NONE 32Mb USA
08-06-01 Earthworm_Jim_USA_GBA-MODE7 NONE 64Mb USA
08-06-01 Fire_Pro_Wrestling_USA_GBA-MODE7 FLASH_V123 64Mb USA
08-06-01 F-Zero_Maximum_Velocity_USA_GBA-MODE7 SRAM_V111 32Mb USA
08-06-01 Pitfall_The_Mayan_Adventure_USA_GBA-MODE7 NONE 32Mb USA
08-06-01 Super_Dodgeball_Advance_USA_GBA-MODE7 SRAM_V110 64Mb USA
07-06-01 GT_Championship_Racing_USA_GBA-TC NONE 64Mb USA
07-06-01 Tony_Hawks_Pro_Skater_2_GBA-PROPER_DUMP-TC ** EEPROM_V111 64Mb USA
07-06-01 Namco_Museum_Advanced_GBA-TC NONE 32Mb USA
07-06-01 Chu_Chu_Rocket_GBA-TC FLASH_V121 32Mb USA
07-06-01 Tony_Hawks_Pro_Skater_2_GBA-TC EEPROM_V111 128Mb USA
06-06-01 Rayman_Advance_GBA-MNC *beta* EEPROM_V111 64Mb EUR
06-06-01 Konami_Krazy_Racers_GBA-MNC SRAM_V111 64Mb USA
06-06-01 Castlevania_Circle_of_the_Moon_USA_GBA-EURASIA SRAM_V110 64Mb EUR
04-06-01 Pinobee_Wings_of_Adventure_USA_GBA-EURASIA SRAM_V111 64Mb USA
04-06-01 Ready_2_Rumble_Boxing_Round_2_USA_GBA-EURASIA NONE 32Mb USA
30-05-01 Iridion_3D_GBA-EURASIA NONE 32Mb USA
25-05-01 Final_Fight_One_JAP_GBA-EURASIA EEPROM_V120 32Mb JPN
25-05-01 Bomberman_Story_JAP_GBA-EURASIA SRAM_V110 32Mb JPN
22-05-01 Kuru_Kuru_Kururin_Plus1_Trainer-iNFERi
22-05-01 J_League_Pocket_Plus1_Trainer-iNFERi
22-05-01 Final_Fight_One_Trainer_Collection-iNFERi
18-05-01 Super_Mario_Advance_USA_GBA-EURASIA EEPROM_V120 32Mb USA
16-04-01 Castlevania_COTM_Plus4_Trainer-CPL
16-04-01 Dungeondice_Monsters_JAP_GBA-RPF FLASH_V120 64Mb JPN
16-04-01 I_Am_An_Air_Traffic_Controller_JAP_GBA-RPF SRAM_V110 64Mb JPN
16-04-01 J_League_Pocket_JAP_GBA-RPF SRAM_V110 64Mb JPN
16-04-01 Momotaro_Festival_JAP_GBA-RPF SRAM_V110 32Mb JPN
16-04-01 Monster_Guardians_JAP_GBA-RPF SRAM_V110 64Mb JPN
15-04-01 Fire_Pro_Wrestling_A_JAP_GBA-CPL FLASH_V121 64Mb JPN
15-04-01 Tweety_and_the_Magical_Jewel_JAP_GBA-CPL SRAM_V110 32Mb JPN
15-04-01 Golf_Master_JAP_GBA-CPL FLASH_V121 64Mb JPN
15-04-01 Winning_Post_JAP_GBA-RPF FLASH_V121 32Mb JPN
15-04-01 Silent_Hill_Play_Novel_JAP_GBA-RPF SRAM_V110 64Mb JPN
14-04-01 Super_Dodgeball_Advance_JAP_GBA-CPL SRAM_V110 32Mb JPN
14-04-01 Pinobee_Quest_of_Heart_JAP_GBA-CPL SRAM_V110 64Mb JPN
14-04-01 Powerful_Pro_Baseball_3_JAP_GBA-CPL SRAM_V110 64Mb JPN
14-04-01 Napoleon_JAP_GBA-CPL SRAM_V110 64Mb JPN
14-04-01 Top_Gear_All_Japan_GT_Championship_JAP_GBA-CPL FLASH_V121 32Mb JPN
13-04-01 Mr_Driller_2_JAP_GBA-CPL SRAM_F_V100 32Mb JPN
13-04-01 Chu_Chu_Rocket_JAP_GBA-CPL FLASH_V121 32Mb JPN
13-04-01 Castlevania_Circle_of_the_Moon_JAP_GBA-CPL SRAM_V110 64Mb JPN
13-04-01 Advance_GTA_JAP_GBA-CPL SRAM_V110 64Mb JPN
13-04-01 Wai_Wai_Racing_JAP_GBA-CPL SRAM_V110 32Mb JPN
09-04-01 F-Zero_Plus_4_Trainer-ATX
09-04-01 Kuru_Kuru_Kururin_Plus1_Trainer-ATX
31-03-01 Kuru_Kuru_Kururin_JAP_GBA-EUR SRAM_V110 32Mb JPN
31-03-01 Rockman_EXE_JAP_GBA-EUR SRAM_V110 64Mb JPN


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