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MEiJ arrested by IDSA and Sheriff°In response to blatant piracy, the IDSA commenced an anti-piracy program on the internet. In August 2003, it launched a series of raids on distributors and retailers of pirated entertainment software, including the largest distributors of video game roms and almost a dozen emulation fans. During a set of 14 raids, about 4,000 illegal game roms were seized and nine web site owners were arrested and jailed; these criminal cases are awaiting expert review.

Another set of raids was successfully run in September and December 2003. The level of cooperation with police and prosecutors has been good, but the expert reviews take a long time, even in cases where the site is clearly infringing. As a result, the IDSA campaign has struck at three of the largest importers of pirated videogame product.

IDSA Raid - December 2003»
That is the last time we sow MEiJ, Gunny & DjManiaC


° Just a joke

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