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  GBA Emulator VisualBoyAdvance LAN Multiplayer Version!

gba gbc gbasp emulatorVBALink v1.7 LAN Multiplayer Version

A new beta version of the GB / GBC / GBA roms emulator has been released - Now with Multiplayer Link support. Up to 4 players can play VBA roms on the same PC or over the LAN. IP suport and seperate save games supported. reat for trading Pokemons or playing Zelda Four Swords and many more gba games that require lik cable emulation!

Download at ::

  EZ-Flash Advance EZF Real-Time Card

ezfa ezf advance rtcEZF Advance

EZFA also know as EZ-Flash Advance RealTime GBA Flash Card is the first Gameboy roms backup device that has incorporated / built-in Real-Time Clock for use in games like Pokemon and Golden Sun that have RTC Clock based events.

Link ::

  The best looking GBA 3D Engine. just like Quake on GBA

Yeti3D engine Demo

Yeti3D is a portable software based 3D engine. The engine design was inspired by the brilliant [CUBE Engine]. The aim of this project is to bring high quality 3D rendering to palm devices like the Gameboy Advanced, mobile phones and Palm PC's. The code has already proven to work on a [Real GBA] and is currently undergoing optimizations to improve rendering quality & speed. Yeti3D has been fully optimized with a ASM texture mapper and VLOD. The engine has been tested on real hardware and runs at ~15-20 FPS!!!
I let the screenshots speak for themself ;)

gba roms  nintendo ds emulator nds roms gbc rom

More screenshots here

Link :: Downlad demo gba roms - need gba emu to play

  GameBoy Advance Video Game Console

Hi guys. On this page:
I describe a series of mods which make the GBA act more like a game console. The mods include the addition of a Neo Geo joystick port, power management, and PSOne LCD attachment through the high quality RGB connection.

this was posted on slashdot so not sure if you can access his server...though it seems to be coping just fine so far...



Link ::

  New Nintendo console for SNES & N64 games

nintendo iQue Player SNES N64 romsNintendo iQue Player

SNES fans you may be interested. The iQue Player is a new 'console' from Nintendo which allows you to play SNES and Nintendo 64 games. Heres some information:
The controller-style console plugs directly into the TV and comes with a 64 Mega Bytes Flash Memory Card to store the games. Games are not available in the traditional way, but can be downloaded via Download Stations to the Flash Memory Card in Nintendo-affiliated retail, compact disc and bookstores throughout China, spokesperson Ken Toyoda of Nintendo Japan said. There are also plans to sell games online.
Sounds an interesting device and maybe there will be an homebrew community as the media is not cartridge based like previous Nintendo consoles.

Theres more information and some images of the iQue Player at Lik Sang , you can also pre-order the device with a few games for when it ships around the end of October.

Link :: LikSang News


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GBA SP Skins


gba sp skin gbaskin


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